About Me

b.alexander.simmons @ gmail.com

I am an artist-turned-conservation biologist-turned-environmental social scientist. My research interests are transdisciplinary, with a particular focus on the overarching effects of anthropogenic actions on ecological interactions and ecosystem function. My projects investigate how human behaviours impact social-ecological systems, examining the biophysical, political, and psychological factors driving important conservation decisions, which can be used to develop effect behaviour change interventions for positive outcomes for people and nature. The results of my research have led to important outcomes around the world, from new protected area management regimes in East Africa to deforestation policy recommendations in Queensland, Australia.

Using my expertise in mixed media art and science communication, I’m constantly seeking new ways to engage, inspire, and communicate with people of all backgrounds, cultures, and disciplines to promote scientific literacy, environmental stewardship, and pro-environmental change. As a graphic designer, I work with researchers looking to translate their research into high-impact graphs, maps, diagrams, infographics, animations, and more to increase the clarity of their messages and engage a broader audience with their work.



Biodiversity Conservation

Land Use/Land Cover Change

Impact Evaluation

Decision Science

Conservation Psychology

Science Communication

Landscape Ecology

Natural Resource Management

Environmental Policy

Behavioural Economics

Conservation Planning

Graphic Design, Illustration


Harvard Extension School
(July 2022 – present)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Colorado State University, Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
(Feb 2022 – present)

Teaching Assistant
Harvard Extension School
(Jan 2022 – May 2022)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Boston University, Global Development Policy Center
(July 2020 – Feb 2022)

Research Associate
Queensland University of Technology, Institute for Future Environments
(Mar 2020 – Aug 2020)

Visiting Fellow
Queensland University of Technology, Institute for Future Environments
(Mar 2019 – Feb 2020)

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
University of Queensland, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
(Mar 2019 – Feb 2020)


Ph.D. Conservation Science
University of Queensland, Australia (2020)

M.S. Biology, specialization in Biodiversity: Conservation & Restoration
Universiteit Antwerpen, Belgium (2015)

B.S. Biology, B.S. Ecosystem Science & Policy
University of Miami, USA (2013)