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Art plays an important and frequently undervalued role in science. As any student of molecular biology will tell you, a good visualization can dramatically enhance comprehension of even the most complex phenomena. With so many people classified as visual learners, we must take our visualizations of scientific data seriously to maximize reader engagement, comprehension, and ultimately the impact of our research.

As both an artist and a scientist, I work with researchers around the world to design high-impact figures based upon the most basic tenet of art: storytelling. From color theory to instrumentalism, I use my knowledge to help researchers:

  • Emphasize their message
  • Clarify their message
  • Simplify their message
  • Present their message effectively

This page contains just a sample of the designs I’ve created with researchers around the world. Contact me for more information about my services, discuss your design needs, or just learn more about artistic endeavours in science.

For many small projects, I do not charge a fee – I just love getting more opportunity to be creative! For more intensive or complex projects, I offer flexible payment options and will work with your budget.

I also regularly run an hour-long professional development seminar for scientists on data visualization called, “Beautifying Your Research: tips and tricks for creating high-impact figures.” Please reach out if you would like to participate in an upcoming seminar or schedule one for you and your colleagues, lab group, or department.

what do i do?

Graphs & charts

Designing graphs, plots, and charts that are clean, sleek, engaging, and informative can be a challenge. These figures are the most common in research, yet they are often the least attractive to an audience (especially the general public). I work with clients to determine which type of graphs will best highlight their results and deliver the clearest message, as well as how to maximize visual appeal to captivate a broader audience.


My favorite projects to work on involve mapping spatial data. Luckily for me, this is one of the most common requests I get as a designer, as a smaller proportion of researchers have been trained in geographic information system (GIS) software, like ArcGIS or QGIS. Of course, some skilled mappers still struggle with designing engaging and informative maps. I work with clients of all experience levels to design maps that can best communicate observable spatial patterns and intrigue an audience.


One of the most challenging tasks for researchers (and designers) is explaining an idea, concept, process, or methodology as simply and effectively as possible. One of my most frequent requests is to assist researchers in creating diagrams and flow charts describing a variety of things, like grant proposals, research methods, or event timelines. I work with clients to consolidate complex and intricate concepts or processes into clear, simplified, and attractive diagrams that can efficiently translate paragraphs of text into a single image.


Often, merging graphs and maps into a single figure will be advantageous for researchers — whether it’s to enhance the clarity of a complex message or because of limitations in the number of figures that a journal accepts. These hybrid designs are often more impactful because they present a more complete story, provide a diversity of content for the reader to explore, and are easier to share than multiple figures.


Probably the most satisfying projects for me are those involving infographics. Infographics are the ‘mixed media art’ of the graphic design world, sometimes incorporating text, graphs, maps, tables, and diagrams all in one image that summarizes the key messages of a project. Because of their ability to concisely summarize results or entire projects, and their design tailored to engage and inform a lay audience, infographics tend to have the greatest impact on social media platforms (second to short animations). Thus, they provide an excellent opportunity for my clients to communicate their research to a broad audience and gain greater exposure for them and their work.

posters, logos, & more

Design opportunities are endless, and no project is too small to be rewarding! Whether you need a poster or flyer for an upcoming event, a logo for your conference, an attractive design for your upcoming report or policy brief, cover art for your new podcast, clever icons for an important presentation, or an animated graphic to share on Twitter, I can work with you to achieve your vision!